How Roku OneView Helps You Reach More Streamers  

As traditional TV viewing declines and more consumers switch to TV streaming, you need powerful tools to help you reach different audiences across both these environments. To really make sure your ads can stay top-of-mind, you also need to think about how to make the campaign omnichannel, so streamers will see your brand on other devices and channels, like mobile and web.  

All of this can really help with one of the most important things of any ad campaign: the budget. If you can make sure that your ads are being shown to the right audience – and not overlapping or getting shown to the same people too many times – you can make the most of your budget and get the best return on ad spend (ROAS).  

Roku’s OneView Ad Platform measures advertising reach and frequency across both TV streaming and traditional TV, as well as mobile and desktop. With OneView, you can optimize your campaigns based on cross-channel performance and create audiences across devices, which helps ensure that you drive incremental reach and revenue with each ad campaign while avoiding wasted frequency.    

A Platform with a View

The OneView Ad Platform, a demand-side platform (DSP) powered by first-party insights from Roku Audiences, works across digital advertising exchanges as well as TV streaming services. The direct consumer relationships from Roku Audiences and Roku's network of data partners powers a complete view of streamers as they navigate streaming channels, devices, web, and mobile. 

The OneView Ad Platform can understand when viewers have already seen an ad on traditional TV, too, so advertisers can use the platform to create audiences of streamers who have or have not seen the ad on traditional TV. 

Here's how that looks like in practice: 

The reach and range of OneView helps you build a better customer journey, whether you want to reach beyond a traditional TV audience or keep showing ads to a specific group of viewers when they start to stream.  

The OneView Ad Platform allows you to:  

1. Get Total TV Visibility.  

OneView has a complete view of customers as they watch across the entirety of the TV streaming and traditional TV universe on Roku devices. As the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, OneView can optimize your streaming campaigns based on your reach on traditional TV, making it easier to avoid over-exposing customers to the same ad message.  

Want to find cord cutters who love to watch football? OneView’s instant forecasting will help you not only find this hard-to-reach audience, but instantly estimate what it will cost to engage them. 

2. Reach More Streamers with Cross-Device Campaigns.  

OneView is the best way to buy and manage advertising on Roku and The Roku Channel. OneView also integrates with other streaming, display and mobile media so your TV streaming ad campaigns are connected to the rest of your digital, programmatic plan. 

You can also re-engage streamers who’ve seen your ads on Roku devices by retargeting them across the web or on their phones, where they might be more likely to click to learn more, research your product or service, and buy. 

3. Measure Better Outcomes.  

With an inside view of TV streaming ad inventory and rich Roku Audience data, you can decide what ad inventory to buy across both Roku and other publishers in the TV streaming ecosystem, all within seconds.  

With in-flight attribution tools that optimize reach, frequency, and performance across TV streaming, traditional TV, desktop, and mobile, you can optimize more of your campaign performance in one place. 

For example, when Lexus wanted to reach new, in-market luxury car buyers, the team used OneView to plan and execute a campaign in which 75% of the audience exposed on Roku hadn't seen the ad on traditional TV. The campaign drove incremental reach while, at the same time, saving budget on ads that may have otherwise been shown to the same audience.  

"It is very rewarding to be a part of these first-to-market opportunities as Lexus continues to innovate and push the boundaries of automotive marketing. Roku’s OneView Platform gives us confidence to properly deliver the right frequency to our audience, thereby eliminating inefficiencies"  

- Lisa Materazzo, VP of Lexus. Marketing 

Get Cross-Channel Certainty  

OneView is the ad platform built for TV streaming. By integrating traditional TV, TV streaming, mobile, and web ads in one view, you can get a complete picture of how ad campaigns are performing and which audiences and channels are working best.  

If you’d like to learn more about OneView by Roku, download the product guide here