OneView Product Updates: New Interface and Features

OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, has launched a new trading workflow that we’ve designed to help you juggle complex, large-scale portfolios, and multiple campaigns simultaneously. These updates will streamline and simplify how you launch, manage, and track your TV streaming ad campaigns from the OneView dashboard.  

Making Campaigns Faster and Easier

Our new trading workflow fully integrates campaign reporting with campaign management, making it easier to go from insight to optimization in a more cohesive fashion. Now, you can monitor the health of your TV streaming ad campaigns in an intuitive list view that makes it easy to compare and understand campaign flight trends and performance so you can optimize and adjust as needed.  

By providing a full view of all your metrics in one place, you can make changes mid-flight to see how trends and optimizations have impacted your goals, all in real-time. 

Below, you can see an example of how that looks like in action: 

OneView campaign flights

Here are the highlights: 

  • Simplify your workflow: Campaign editing, top-level data, and optimization are now contained within one holistic workflow.  

  • Monitor what matters, all in one placeNow, you’ll get a new portfolio level view for monitoring all your campaigns right in the platform.  

  • Reporting that’s easy to understand: We’ve improved visualization of recent campaign spend and performance trending, as well as additional features to support campaign optimization. Below, you can see the new reporting dashboard: 

OneView Roku user interface
  • Campaign spend at your fingertips: Get cumulative real-time spend data for your campaigns and flights. 

  • Spot problems right away: We’ve added indicators for missing flight assignments required for activation and troubleshooting alerts for basic flight configuration issues so you can launch on-time. 

  • Optimize like a pro: We’ve included flight-level optimization featuresincluding bid, budget, and daily frequency cap. 

  • Look back in campaign time with ease: Filter time frames to look back at flight data over explicit periods: last week, last month, etc. 

  • Keep the pace: We’ve enabled pacing alerts that let you know if your previous day’s target fell short of plan.

Moving Ahead for a Streamer-First Future 

We’re working hard to provide a best-in-class user experience across all of OneView’s features so that building campaigns for TV streaming is easier and more seamless.

Combined with the data from Roku Audienceswe’re confident that theses updates will help each campaign perform the best and reach the right streaming audience. 

Want to learn more about OneView? Check out Roku Learning, where you can learn tips and tricks about TV streaming advertising.