Over Half of UK Households Have Moved to Streaming. 

Has Your Advertising Plan?

As Roku discussed during our recent Advertising Week panel, Brits Have Moved To Streaming First, Has Your Marketing Strategy?, streaming is mainstream in the UK. While the pandemic has certainly accelerated that shift, as of Q1 2020, 53% of households were already streaming their TV content, according to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB). 

At the same time, traditional pay TV continues to shed subscribers as more viewers shift their viewership to streaming subscription services. While this shift took a marked turn downwards about a year ago, the pandemic has accelerated the declines rapidly—with June declines nearly triple that of levels we saw in March. 

As TV viewership in the UK shifts to streaming, so too will TV advertising. And we’ve been helping marketers build for this moment. We are just starting the Streaming Decade, in which we believe consumers around the world will choose streaming as their primary way of viewing TV. So, it’s not too late to be early.

Reach an unreachable audience 

Now that more UK households have a subscription video on demand (SVOD) subscription than a pay TV subscription (according to Enders Analysis), it’s time to take your TV advertising streaming-first. Roku is the operating system for streaming and the best way to reach SVOD audiences. 

Evolve with your audience

Streaming advertising unlocks valuable audience insights you will not get from other channels like linear TV. With streaming, you can not only understand your audience, but respond faster to shifts in their behavior. For exampleaccording to Roku data, at the outset of the spread of the global pandemic, streamers in the U.S. began watching more content during midday and less during the mornings and evenings. 

Extend beyond the TV screen 

Streaming advertising marries the beauty of linear TV with the brains of digital advertising. Roku can reach your first-party audience before they stream their favorite SVOD service. With OneView, you can extend the reach of your streaming campaigns to other digital platforms, while managing frequency and driving outcomes across all screens. So, you’re not just delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, but also inspiring action. 

It’s time to go streaming-first with your TV advertising. And the best way to go streaming-first is to go streamer-first. Roku’s direct relationship with its UK customers gives us unique insights, allowing you to more reliably target and measure the effectiveness of your advertising on Roku devices and beyond. 

Brits to streaming-first, has your marketing strategy kept pace? For future insight to help you stay ahead, stay connected with Roku. 

Mike Shaw

Director, Ad Sales Europe